For us it’s all about collaboration. SMart Wind’s approach is to work in partnership with our suppliers.”

Joern Harde, SMart Wind

Our Suppliers

SMart Wind is the only supply chain led consortium and enjoy an open and collaborative relationship with our partners. We have purposefully designed an organisation that combines a joint venture structure for efficient administration and management with the necessary key skills and companies in the value chain.

Integrating suppliers and design engineers from the start of development ensures risks are assessed and evaluated at the earliest possible opportunity. In this way we benefit from both the assurance of delivery and the ability to embrace the most exciting technology innovations direct from the experts.

The SMart Wind consortium benefits through long term relationships with:

Siemens Energy:

Siemens Energy is the world’s leading supplier of offshore wind turbines, grid connections and whole life services to the offshore wind industry.  Investing heavily to support Round 3 projects like Hornsea, Siemens is taking on hundreds of new staff each year and investing in new infrastructure across the UK.  In 2011 Siemens expanded its service training facility in Newcastle, which now provides around 1,000 training module places a year. In 2012 Siemens also opened its Renewable Energy Engineering Centre in Manchester, forecast to create over 300 new jobs over the next three years. Siemens is also on track to build a new offshore wind turbine production facility in Hull and has research centres in Keele and Sheffield.

For more on Siemens work with Round 3 please click HERE.

RPS Group:

RPS is an international consultancy delivering a unique range of technical, environmental, planning, and management skills. RPS has long-recognised the importance of the offshore renewables sector and since 2001 has worked extensively on renewable projects in the UK and overseas for numerous clients, including developers, regulatory authorities and governments. RPS offshore renewables specialists will provide onshore and offshore environment support services to Smart Wind through the consenting process of Project One and Project Two.

For more on RPS, please click HERE.

Sinclair Knight Merz:

Sinclair Knight Merz is a leading projects firm, with global capability in strategic consulting, engineering and project delivery. It operates across Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, deploying some 7,000 people from more than 40 offices. SKM has been providing engineering services on all aspects of the onshore cable route and grid connection for Project One since 2010.

For more on Sinclair Knight Merz, please click HERE.   

GL Garrad Hassan:

GL Garrad Hassan is an international renewable energy consultancy able to bring technical due diligence & assurance in relation to the assessment of structures, analysis of the risk management and layout design processes through its role as Independent Engineer for Project One.

For more on GL Garrad Hassan, please click HERE.  

Fugro Renewable Services:

Fugro Renewable Services provide a complete life-of-project suite of services, delivering safe, efficient and successful renewable energy facilities around the world. For feasibility studies and site investigation, design and engineering, construction and support, count on Fugro.

For more on Fugro Renewable Services, please Click HERE.


Intertek is a leading international consultancy providing specialist technical services in the marine, coastal and river environments. Our expertise helps reduce risk for our clients through all stages of an offshore development, from concept, feasibility and design, through construction and operation, to decommissioning. Key sectors we operate in are Oil & Gas, Offshore Renewables and Marine Cables, and Water, where we partner with operators, developers, utilities, lenders and government. Intertek is a trusted provider of quality and safety solutions for many of the world’s leading companies and brands, combined with improving their environmental and corporate social responsibility performance.

For more on Intertek METOC, please click HERE.


APEM has specialised in aquatic and environmental science for over 25 years. The company carries out a wide range of aerial, ground and boat based surveys of birds, mammals, fish and benthic habitats. It provides high quality bird surveys for the wind industry using state of the art camera systems, and it also offers Europe’s largest dedicated aquatic biology laboratories.

For more on APEM, please click HERE.


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SMart Futures at Oasis Academy Immingham

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Working with Humber University Training College (UTC)

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Project One Examination Report is submitted to the Secretary of State

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Project Two Further Onshore Consultation

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Project Two Pre-application Consultation

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